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Thank you for stopping by Frank Klees’ Youth Link We are a group of Progressive Conservative-minded high school and university students dedicated to helping Frank in the next election. In the process, we are looking to learn as much as possible about politics and to make a difference in our community. We are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but we also lead today!

Our youth association welcomes members of varying degrees of political involvement and amounts of interest interest. In the past, we have become engaged with our community through our environmental initiatives. Some of the activities we’ve done include a shoreline clean-up, tree-planting and volunteering at ecology festivals. As caring PCs, we believe in character in action.

In keeping with the democratic process, the youth association has monthly meetings and annual elections. There are many activities for the group on a provincial level as well, such as the provincial executive elections, conventions and training sessions. It is important to communicate with fellow young PCs across Ontario.

Our group is what you want it to be—you can make as much of an impact as you are willing to. Heading into Election 2007, we need your enthusiasm and fresh ideas! We are looking forward to an exciting year and we hope you’ll be joining us.


Jen Serdetchnaia
Newmarket-Aurora PC Youth President

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Fri 31st August 2007
Attention University Students: Vote for Frank by Proxy!
If you are a university student and live outside the Newmarket-Aurora riding during the school year, you can still vote for Frank!

Fri 17th August 2007
Second Annual PC Summer Youth Barbecue
In the late afternoon of Friday, August 17th, a group of about twenty-five youth gathered with Newmarket-Aurora PC candidate Frank Klees in front of the Cineplex Odeon Aurora. The goal: capture the young, movie-going crowd with targetted information about the upcoming election.

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