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Jen Serdetchnaia

A long-time resident of Newmarket-Aurora, Jen Serdetchnaia is a sixteen-year-old high school student at Newmarket High. Her interest in politics was spurred at the age of thirteen when she served as a Page in the Legislative Chamber of Ontario. Immediately upon her fourteenth birthday, Jen joined the Progressive Conservative party and founded the local youth association. The Newmarket-Aurora PC Youth Association has been active for a year and a half, winning the Best New Youth Association award in 2006. In other awards, Jen has recently received the Al Palladini Award for Best Contributing Non-Member of Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association for her efforts with OPCCA.

Jen is the Fifth Vice-President of the senior Newmarket-Aurora PC Association. Currently, she is dedicating her time to the campaign of MPP Frank Klees as his Youth Outreach and fulfilling her duties as High Schools Director on the PC Youth provincial executive for the year 2006-2007. Jen is also excited to be serving her second term as President on the Newmarket-Aurora PC Youth Association.

In her spare time, Jen enjoys books and movies.

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Fri 31st August 2007
Attention University Students: Vote for Frank by Proxy!
If you are a university student and live outside the Newmarket-Aurora riding during the school year, you can still vote for Frank!

Fri 17th August 2007
Second Annual PC Summer Youth Barbecue
In the late afternoon of Friday, August 17th, a group of about twenty-five youth gathered with Newmarket-Aurora PC candidate Frank Klees in front of the Cineplex Odeon Aurora. The goal: capture the young, movie-going crowd with targetted information about the upcoming election.

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