April 4, 2007
For Immediate Release

KLEES: Dalton McGuinty's Insulting Comments
Not Worthy of a Premier

(Queen's Park) Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees, the PC Education and Citizenship & Immigration Critic, today called on Dalton McGuinty to apologise to the 10,000 convenience store owners and operators of Ontario whom McGuinty labelled as "untrustworhty."

In response to a question in the Legislature concerning a proposal by one of his back-benchers to allow corner stores to sell beer and wine, McGuinty stated that convenience store owners could not be trusted with that responsibility "as was proven with respect to this issue with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation." McGuinty was referring to reports of fraud involving some convenience store owners and lottery tickets.

"For the premier of the province to paint every convenience store owner and clerk as being dishonest is offensive and irresponsible. Dalton McGuinty is smearing the reputation of thousands of hard-working Ontarians, and I suggest that it's all in an attempt to divert attention from his government's Lotto-Gate scandal involving Ontario's lottery system. This is outrageously offensive, it is completely unjust, and Dalton McGuinty should issue a formal apology immediately," said Klees.

"Rather than attack innocent people, Dalton McGuinty should begin by taking responsibility for the fact that his Crown Corporation and his minister are responsible for allowing millions of innocent Ontarians to be defrauded of their lottery winnings," Klees said. "McGuinty should be setting his sights on his minister under whose watch this was allowed to go on."

"McGuinty owes an immediate apology to these small business owners and operators and he owes the Ontario public some long overdue action against those who are really to blame for the Lotto-Gate scandal," Klees said. "He can start by issuing that apology to the Ontario Korean Businessmen's Association and to the Ontario Convenience Stores Association whose hard-working members own and operate Ontario's 10,000 convenience stores."


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