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Mon 25th June 2007
Cynical move not best way to kick off election
Oh, what the heck, let's all start the summer now. Close the schools, head off to the cottage, roll out the lazy, hazy crazy days of summer ...

Fri 8th June 2007
Power will stay on this summer: Duncan
Energy Minister Dwight Duncan was in the hot seat last week over the province's failure to secure more power for York Region.

Tue 15th May 2007
I want Premier Dalton McGuinty to know how grateful I am. Having celebrated another birthday last week, I couldn't help but notice how the time between them grows shorter every year. But my thoughtful premier and his gang at the Park melted away the years for me.

Wed 2nd May 2007
Mr. Frank Klees (Oak Ridges): We have a crisis in our justice system. On numerous occasions, I've raised the issue of backlogs in our courts, be that criminal, family or civil courts, and the Attorney General has no answers except to blame others

Hansard April 30,2007 Petitions
Mr. Frank Klees (Oak Ridges): I present a petition that has been signed by Attorney General employees at the Newmarket courthouse and representing some 1,400 staff across the province. It reads as follows:

Mon 30th April 2007
Community grant process flawed, MPP Klees charges
The Conservatives are making a big deal out of nothing, a man at the centre of the community grants scandal says.

Liberals urge you to Go Flick Yourself
A Liberal advertisement scheme that plays on the "F" word is in poor taste, Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees charged this week.

Fri 13th April 2007
Klees' organ bill passes hurdle
Anne Barbetta's double lung transplant saved her life just as cancer threatened to rob her of it.

Thu 22nd March 2007
We should honour Martin Luther King: MPP
(York Region) - The third Monday in January should be proclaimed Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Ontario, Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees says.

Wed 21st March 2007
Schools welcome delay despite critic's comment
York Region's Catholic school board will happily take another year to bring class sizes down to 20 students.

Mon 19th March 2007
Take bacteria seriously, MPP says Health Ministry waiting on advice from experts
(York Region) - A York Region politician has joined the call to have hospitals track and report two superbugs, including the potentially fatal Clostridium difficile and a stubborn germ hitting babies in GTA neo-natal units.

Fri 16th March 2007
York cops welcome action on street racing
York Region's streets might be a little quieter soon, as the province is set to clamp down on street racing.

Thu 15th March 2007
Ontario promises to put brakes to street racing
TORONTO -- Ontario's Liberal government is promising to bring in new legislation to curb street racing, but an Opposition lawmaker says it is only happening because the families of victims went public with their grief.

Wed 7th March 2007
Justice system in crisis mode: experts
York Region's justice system is in crisis mode; a system virtually ignored, grossly underfunded and understaffed, experts at a discussion forum said Friday.

Wed 21st February 2007
Tories, faith groups seek changes to school funding
TORONTO - Ontario's Conservative Opposition education critic is on a mission to revamp what he calls the province's discriminatory faith-based education funding system.

Sat 3rd February 2007
Autism report nowhere to be seen
(York Region) - Autistic children's names appearing on a waiting list for government care will have to wait a little longer.

MPP's track record on education speaks volumes
It was disappointing to see the education minister make a partisan political attack on me and John Tory over my criticism of the York Region District School Board's policy to charge user fees for tutoring services.

Tue 19th December 2006
IAFFFA Award for Frank Klees
"The Erect Award goes to Oak Ridges MPP and Aurora resident Frank Klees who was recently nominated as the Progressive Conservative candidate in the riding of Newmarket/Aurora for the October 4, 2007, provincial election.

Thu 7th December 2006
MPP wants action on organ harvest bill HEALTH
By Michael Power, Staff Writer

Sat 2nd December 2006
Klees got job done
Richmond Hill Liberal

Wed 1st November 2006
Klees call for action on judge shortage
By Martin Derbyshire, Staff Writer

Thu 26th October 2006
MPP wants youth focus in next campaign
Kayla Morrison, Y-Team Reporter Oak Ridges 10/26/06

Sat 7th October 2006
Feds need to consider York, Klees warns
Teresa Latchford, Staff Writer

Thu 28th September 2006
Klees will lead PCs in new riding
Joan Ransberry, Staff Writer

Fri 16th June 2006
A flat-out street-racing fight
SAN GREWAL, Staff Reporter Toronto Star

Wed 22nd March 2006
New law increases organ donations

Sat 18th February 2006
MPP honours Cousens through bill
Michael Power, Staff Writer Markham Economist


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