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June 15, 2006

Liberals’ Street Racing ‘Dog and Pony Show’ Insult to Victims

(Queen’s Park) "Even the serious issue of street racing and the resulting loss of life and life-threatening injuries, could not overcome the Liberals' addiction to their ‘Dog and Pony Show’ style of politics," said Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees after observing the staged crushing of cars that were used in a street race. “Where we should be today, is in the Legislature putting into law the provisions of The Street Racing Act , not participating in yet another photo-op”.

The Oak Ridges MPP and former Minister of Transportation charged that the Liberals are more concerned with partisan politics than with exercising their responsibility to deal with the growing incidents of street racing. He was referring to the Liberals’ denial of a unanimous consent motion which would have ensured quick passage of The Street Racing Act, 2006. The motion was thwarted when a number of Liberal MPPs voiced their opposition.

Mr. Darcy Merkur, a partner with the firm of Thomson, Rogers, representing the victims of the recent Mississauga road racing accident, expressed shock and disappointment over the Liberal Government's unwillingness to support and fast track The Street Racing Bill proposed by Klees. “ Unfortunately the families of the victims cannot be here to express their disappointment with the Liberal Government's inaction as they are occupied with their loved one's recovery."

When he was advised of the Attorney General's media event in the wake of the Liberals’ position on The Street Racing Bill, Mr. Merkur stated, "while the victims of road racing are pleased to support any event to raise awareness of the dangers of road racing, they would ask that the Attorney General immediately support Mr. Klees' proposed legislation that will empower the police and our justice system to deal decisively with those who put the lives of innocent people at risk and will help deter this reckless conduct."

The Street Racing Bill empowers front line police officers to issue on-the-spot licence suspensions and to impound the vehicles of anyone suspected of engaging in street racing. It provides for fines up to $2,000 and 6 month jail terms for convictions, and bans nitrous oxide fuel systems that are connected in any vehicle driven on a public road.

“I am hopeful that following this demonstration of the Attorney General’s awareness of the street racing issue, that he will convince the rest of his Liberal colleagues to put aside their partisan politics and support the quick passage of The Street Racing Bill,” said Klees

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Tue 9th October 2007
McGuinty Fails Seniors
(Newmarket-Aurora) Frank Klees, the PC candidate for Newmarket and Aurora, today called the McGuinty government's boasting about improvements to health care "empty rhetoric and offensive propaganda."

Tue 2nd October 2007
Constituents Will Decide My Vote on Faith-Based Education
(Newmarket-Aurora) PC Candidate Frank Klees announced today that when the issue of faith-based funding comes before the Legislature, he will conduct himself as he has on every other issue since his election to the Legislature in 1995.

Mon 1st October 2007
Frank Klees Radio Ad
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